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CM22: Utopias

Boyd Tonkin surfs the coast of utopia, Bruce Wannell explores the Gardens of Paradise, Hassan Mahamdallie joins the community of Findhorn, Marco Lauri dissects ibn Tufayl's utopian masterpiece, Medina Whiteman's parents escape to ...

Indo-Pakistani Independence: A Time for Reflection by Iftikhar H Malik

In their post-1947 incarnations, both India and Pakistan have just completed their 70th year, which, like an individual, is viewed a time in one’s life where maturity, sobriety and forgiveness overrule frivolities, jealousies and vendetta. ...

Writing Kashmir

Muddasir Ramzan
Amidst the daily news of encounters and killings and other troubles in the Valley, preparations are underway to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Indian independence. Seeking respite from all this background noise, I find it in the form of ...

No, Channel 4: Islam is Not Responsible for Islamic State by Peter Oborne

Unlike most historians, Tom Holland writes books which bring the past to life. This makes him a national treasure. But I am baffled by his recent documentary about Islamic State (IS), Isis: The Origins of Violence. It argues that the ...

Darkness Again?

Muddasir Ramzan
The implementation of GST (Goods and Service Tax), a new taxation reform launched in mainland India on 1st July, has already triggered protests by opposition and trade bodies in Jammu and Kashmir. In addition, this week marks the one-year ...

Brontes, Bradford and Buddhist Poetry

Claire Armitstead
Irna Qureshi and Syima Aslam have upended the traditional festival model to create a 10-day cultural jamboree that holds appeal across the city's diverse communities.

Grenfell Shows Just How Britain Fails Migrants by Nesrine Malik

On the north Kensington streets, the truth of multicultural London is apparent - there is no cheaper life than that of a poor refugee.

An Age of Rage

Muddasir Ramzan
I noticed on Facebook that some of my friends in London had marked themselves safe. Baffled, I checked the news and read that there was an attack in London, a city that attracts me for its intellectual freedom. I contacted a few people I know ...

Manchester Love Spreads

Sadek Hamid
“Again, I mourn the murders of people I never knew. Again, I am harassed & told to atone for terror I did not and would never commit.” The words of Black American Muslim activist Blair Imani tweeted in the aftermath of the ...

Of Nations and Freedom

Muddasir Ramzan
Devotion to religion and country are perhaps two basic motivations that can persuade humans to do anything, for which some are even prepared to kill or die. These are universal ideologies, but in war zones they play a distinct role. The ...