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Killing of Freethinkers in Bangladesh: Some Unresolved Issues by Taj Hashmi

Of late, terrorists or unknown assailants have killed freethinking writers and bloggers, a couple of foreign nationals, and two LGBT activists in Bangladesh, around 36 people since February 2015. And almost ritualistically, the killers have been ...

Bangladesh Killings: Why Do Liberals Keep Getting Hacked to Death?

Alexander Smith and Wajahat S Khan for NBC News
The murder of a gay rights activist and his friend in Bangladesh this week was the latest in a trend of Islamist extremists killing liberals in the South Asian country. But scratch beneath the surface, and experts say that the brutal attacks ...

Return of the Basket Case

M. Ron Wahid & John Hannah
On the eve of a fundamentally flawed election, Bangladesh teeters on the edge of the precipice.