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A Beginner's Guide to Andalusi Calligraphy

Medina Whiteman and Zak Whiteman
This is the story of a calligraphic script that is almost extinct, yet which was once a crucial part of the most extraordinary cultural flourishing of the Middle Ages. We trace its journey from Madinah to its pinnacle in Al-Andalus, where we look ...

The State of Estrangement

Muddasir Ramzan
The individuality or the identity of Kashmir – as the paradise on earth, the most militarised area, the alcove of saints, the flashpoint between India and Pakistan etc – is now receding and shifting into a distinctiveness where Nature ...

Should We Blame Islam for Terrorism? by David Shariatmadari

Since the Westminster attacks, many people seem to have been getting stuck on the following question, as they do after most acts of jihadi violence: “Is there something special about Islam? Something that lends itself to ...

The Past That Claims the Future

Muddasir Ramzan
These days, when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade, I have had an opportunity to explore the wealth of our heritage. Kashmir, besides being known as a war-torn territory shrouded in the magnificence of nature, is also renowned as ...

Integration-mad Muslims? by Shanon Shah

The second British Islam Conference (25-26 February 2017) discussed disability, domestic violence, interfaith relations, and the persecution of Ahmadis as well as the experiences of black Muslims, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) ...

Europe Wrote the Book on Demonising Refugees, Long Before Trump Read it by Piro Rexhepi

We're told that Donald Trump is uniquely hardline in his anti-Muslim rhetoric. In fact, Europe's draconian attitudes have helped to legitimise his approach.

Why I Am A Muslim

Reza Aslan
The host of CNN's Believer, which explores rarefied worlds molded by faith and tradition, and author of No god But God, explains why he is a Muslim.

A Battle for the Soul of Pakistan

Beena Sarwar
Sehwan Sharif and other shrines in Pakistan are being targeted for terrorist attacks because militant Islam feels threatened by the popular adherence to Sufi Islam and values.

My Kind of Snowflake by Muddasir Ramzan

This winter’s snowfall has given us hope that climate change is not yet terminal. In previous years we had dry winters, which greatly disrupted the seasons. It was after so many years that Chillai Kalan, a forty day period of harsh weather ...

Bugged by Nationalism by Shanon Shah

Leaders everywhere seem to be catching a strange bug. For a fresh example, let’s turn our attention from the White House’s ‘fine-tuned machine’ to the one firing on all cylinders in Malaysia. On 18 February 2017, the ...