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Many More Apologies are Owed to Canada's Muslim Community by Vicky Mochama

A peaceful, kind and diverse community has been treated as a pawn in a craven political strategy. And it's appalling.

In Memory of Dr Najah Kadhim Al-Radhi

It is with deep sorrow that the Muslim Institute learned, on 7 January 2017, of the untimely death of Dr Najah Kadhim Al-Radhi, the secretary of International Forum for Islamic Dialogue (IFID), and much-loved Muslim Institute Fellow. Since 2000, ...

Suddenly Muslims are America's Pariahs

Nesrine Malik
Officers 'just following orders', confused children, fearful parents: with Trump's vile ban Islamophobia has finally burst its banks

Kashmir on Film by Muddasir Ramzan

A writer friend recently asked me what I thought about the movie Kaafiron Ki Namaaz, and I confessed I hadn’t even heard of it. Early this week, while travelling back from Srinagar in a train, which had many of its windows broken, probably ...

Modi and Trump - voting strongmen, voting hate by Zahir Janmohamed

Donald Trump’s win in the US and Narendra Modi’s in India two years ago are both about the majority claiming greater victimhood.

A Muslim Epiphany?

Shanon Shah
It’s nice being glass half full. Which is why I’m thinking, “Wow, an Episcopalian cathedral included readings from the Quran in its Epiphany service!” Epiphany, celebrated on 6 January in the Western Church, commemorates ...

CM20 PostWest

Shanon Shah suggests PostWest is a speculative concept that obscures as much as it explains, Jasper M Trautsch explores the concept of the 'West', Roger van Zwanenberg explains how the West became a dominant world power, ...

India's Trump Card? by Muddasir Ramzan

Donald Trump, described as Man of the Year by Time magazine, scored a victory that has shaken the world to its core. Yet his win should not come as any surprise to those people who have witnessed the emergence of hollow liberal democracies in ...

‘Many can’t accept a woman in her right mind would choose the niqab’

Shanon Shah
Dr Anabel Inge has written the first in-depth study of British women who follow Salafism, a highly conservative interpretation of Islam that is growing rapidly in the UK. Her book, The Making of a Salafi Muslim Woman: Paths to Conversion, has ...

Aleppo's People are Being Slaughtered: Did we Learn Nothing from Srebrenica? by Nedzad Avdic

I was a teenager when I faced the worst of humanity. I remember our house burning to the ground and my family fleeing Srebrenica, hoping against hope for a chance to live. I remember the torture, and the smell of blood. I didn’t know ...