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The Streets of Paris are as Familiar to Me as the Streets of Beirut

Joey Ayoub
Some bodies are global, but most bodies remain local, regional, “ethnic”.

Kashmir - the Unending Occupation

Muddasir Ramzan
Kashmir has long been defined by the intractable political dispute between India and Pakistan; the ‘integral part’ for India and the ‘jugular vein’ for Pakistan. After the independence and division of British India into ...

Diwali Reflections by Shanon Shah

As a Muslim, Deepavali was a special day when I was growing up. My family had a Tamil-Hindu helper and my siblings and I were especially close to her. Akka (“big sister” in Tamil) introduced us to Boney M, the Carpenters and Abba, ...

Humanist vs Islamic perspectives on science and the modern world

Yasmin Khan
Jim Al-Khalili, physicist and Ziauddin Sardar, of the Muslim Institute, talk science, western colonialism and religious rigidity.

Jim Al-Khalili and Ziauddin Sardar in Conversation

Listen to Jim Al-Khalili and Ziauddin Sardar in Conversation, discussing "Humanist and Islamic Values: Back to the Enlightenment?" Chaired by Innes Bowen at Conway Hall, London on Wednesday, 28 October 2015. The full audio is available ...

Radicalisation in Georgia: a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Inga Popovaite
Georgia's Pankisi Gorge has been portrayed as a hotbed of Islamic radicalism. Its ethnic Kist residents suffer poverty and discrimination – a distant government and sensationalist media coverage alienate them further

Muslim Fashion, anyone? by Shanon Shah

You’ve got the right hijab wrapped in the right style with the right blouse and the right flowing skirt. Your makeup is subtle yet radiant. Your ensemble is missing something, though – a necklace would be too showy, but maybe if you ...

CM15: Educational Reform

Jeremy Henzell-Thomas seeks an integrated approach to education and knowledge, Richard Pring answers the question – what is a university, Marodsilton Muborakshoeva examines the university in Muslim context, Abdelwahab ...

Beef, bans and the BJP

Muddasir Ramzan
India is the world’s second largest beef exporter after Brazil; however the ruling BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) and its affiliates have been pushing for a nationwide ban on cow slaughter, as the animal is considered sacred by many Hindus. ...

A pig's head, the national anthem, and good journalism

Shanon Shah
Which part of David Cameron’s anatomy did he insert into a dead pig’s head while at Oxford? Perchance this might provide new insights into the refugee crisis, anthropogenic climate change or the impact of economic policies on ...