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The Plight of Kashmir's Migratory Birds

Muddasir Ramzan
From time immemorial Kashmir, because of its natural beauty and climate, has remained the centre of attraction for the whole world. From kings to subjects, rich to deprived, humans to birds - Kashmir attracts all. But climate change and chaotic ...

A Jewish Qur'an and other Antiquities

Shanon Shah
The emergence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) might seem like a new nightmare, but neither its motivations nor methods have appeared out of nowhere. Its violent persecution of minorities and destruction of historic sites it ...

Fatema Mernissi: The Pride of Islamic Feminism in Modern Times - Obituary by Mohammed Hashas

The American scholar Amina Wadud has mourned her and called her “one of our greatest foreMothers.” Many see her as having given confidence to the idea of an Islamic feminism and its struggles for human dignity, equality, and social ...

Words and Deeds: Civilisations, an Alphabet of Tolerance and the Caliphate

Mohammed Moussa
Words and deeds are now the apparent battle-lines between civilisations. Even among Muslims, ‘moderates’ are pitted against ‘extremists’ in a conflict that is depicted to be global and ubiquitous. The recent attacks in ...

BBC Radio Scotland interviews Ziauddin Sardar - Britain's own Muslim Polymath

BBC Radio Scotland interviews the Muslim Institute & Critical Muslim's Ziauddin Sardar: "He shares his personal story with Cathy Macdonald as well as thinking through where we must go in the aftermath of the attacks in Paris, and the ...

ISIS hates Middle Eastern civilisation too

David Shariatmadari
The Paris attacks are portrayed as an assault on the values of the west. In fact, writes David Shariatmadari, the hopes and philosophies we cherish are global.

West, Gulf complicity in oil-fuelled genocide of Myanmar’s Rohingya by Nafeez Ahmed

Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is on track to win nearly 90 percent of the votes in Myanmar’s historic elections. EU observers have poured gushing praise on the “transparency” and “credibility” of the ...

The Streets of Paris are as Familiar to Me as the Streets of Beirut

Joey Ayoub
Some bodies are global, but most bodies remain local, regional, “ethnic”.

Kashmir - the Unending Occupation

Muddasir Ramzan
Kashmir has long been defined by the intractable political dispute between India and Pakistan; the ‘integral part’ for India and the ‘jugular vein’ for Pakistan. After the independence and division of British India into ...

Diwali Reflections by Shanon Shah

As a Muslim, Deepavali was a special day when I was growing up. My family had a Tamil-Hindu helper and my siblings and I were especially close to her. Akka (“big sister” in Tamil) introduced us to Boney M, the Carpenters and Abba, ...