Teakster is a multi award-winning artist and photographer. His artwork has been featured in publications and exhibitions across the USA, UAE, Europe, and Asia. Teakster started his artistic journey as a form of escapism from mundane corporate work. Inspired by his Islamic faith as well as by Islam’s early art and calligraphy, he started experimenting with colours and patterns which he ...

Tasnim Baghdadi

Tasnim Baghdadi is a German digital illustrator of Moroccan heritage. Currently studying towards a Masters degree in Asian and Islamic Art History, with a focus on the art and architecture of the Middle East, Tasnim also works as a freelance artist in the fields of digital illustration, graphic design, and photography. Tasnim, tell us a little bit about yourself and your work? I am ...


All Artists

Creative manifestations of art, music, visual media, the written word and much more.

All Artists

Creative manifestations of art, music, visual media, the written word and much more.


A Ramadan Dilemma by Shanon Shah

Aisha is what you might call a muhajababe. She covers her hair but is still a chic and stylish 25 year-old with her lipstick, eyeliner, Prada ...

Fasting During the Long Days of Summer by Usama Hasan

As the debate continues over how long Muslims in Northern Europe should fast, Dr Usama Hasan offers his perspective.

Muslim Institute Third Annual Ibn Rushd Lecture 'Between Ghazali and Ibn Rushd: Ethics, Reason and Humility'

Islamic philosophy has a long and distinguished history and its changing role in the Islamic world is significant for what it has to say about the ...


CM14: Power

Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies attempt to locate the sources of power. Barnaby Rogerson deconstructs the dreams of Caliphate. Malise Ruthven highlights Islam's problems with the nation state. Kecia Ali revisits Prophet Muhammad's marriage to Khadija, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas explores the power of education, Rahel Fischbach and Rachel Friedman have an enlightening engagement in ...

Life for British Muslims Since 7/7 - abuse suspicion and constant apologies

The London bombings shocked and horrified us all, but in the decade since, the Muslims communities have been unfairly demonised writes Mehdi Hasan.

Visions of a future without origin stories and identity myths: TED talk

Professor Chetan Bhatt of LSE grapples with questions about identity and origin as he tells the story of Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui of the Muslim ...

This Dance Between 'Extremists' and 'Formers' is Past its Sell-by Date by Yahya Birt

A lot of British Muslims who watched the Exposure documentary “Jihad: A British Story” on ITV last night probably did so ...